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What is the Cookbook?
As you use NutriPlanner Zest the recipes, menus and other information that you enter into it are stored in your individual, private area called your 'cookbook'.

The bottom box is for you to enter a name for your 'cookbook'.

You will be able to change your cookbook's name later if you want to.

You can enable up to 3 other people to 'attach' to your cookbook so that you can all share the same recipes and menus that you, or they, create within it.

To gain access to NutriPlanner Zest you must register first.

After registering an e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address you provide containing your password to the system, which you can change to your own preference later.

If you are a larger business or with multiple sites you may wish to contact
David at NutriPlanner to discuss options for the best way for the system to support your business.

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