Unlike other tools that make you choose from a fixed set of predefined recipes or menus, NutriPlanIT caters for even the most unlikely eating habits.

NutriPlanIT gives you the ability to assemble and keep any number of your own recipes to use at any time.

Or you can use any of NutriPlanIT's delicious set recipes, which you can edit to suit your taste or nutritional requirements.

NutriPlanIT instantly evaluates your recipes and meals against your selected profile.



Evaluate what you eat with NutriPlanIT, whether it's a single recipe or a variety of meals.

NutriPlanIT gives you a clear picture of what you have eaten, or what you are planning to eat.

With NutriPlanIT you can evaluate the food you have eaten (or plan to eat) over a single meal, a whole day, a complete week, or any other period of time you wish.